Earned Schedule   Earned Schedule - An extension to Earned Value Management

The Earned Schedule book by Walt Lipke is now available.  The print version price is $36 USD while the download price is $14 USD.  The book may be ordered using the link shown below.

Special pricing arrangements can be made for group orders by contacting Walt Lipke, waltlipke@cox.net.

Walter’s Author Spotlight

This book is intended for those who use Earned Value Management (EVM), including project managers, engineers and performance analysts.  Earned Schedule (ES) is a significant enhancement to EVM, extending its cost-based features to the management and control of schedule performance.

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           Amazon   www.amazon.com
           Barnes & Noble  www.barnesandnoble.com
           Apple iBookstore  http://store.apple.com  (Note: access to the iBookstore is limited to those who            own the iPad and have the free iBooks app.) 
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Book Reviews:
Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have posted several reviews of the ES Book. Ray Stratton posted a very comprehensive review in the February 2010 EVM Newsletter on the Management Technologies website (www.mgmt-technologies.com).  Mr. Stratton’s review also appeared on the Project at Work website (www.projectsatwork.com). His review is accessible at the link Stratton ES book review. Dr. Robert Van De Velde also reviewed the ES book in the August 2010 issue of the on-line journal, PMWorldToday (the journal ceased publication after March 2012). His review, Van De Velde ES book review, is posted here for viewing.


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